magic love ball

his hair is long down his back


i open the blue flower.

he hits the swinging door.

black hoodie.

scans the table as he walks


until he sees me.

in the dream people do magic.

we have to pass through the house

on the hill.

(shoes in a line by the front door).

we leave our cars running here.

it is the way

it is done.


arms of trees reside inside

i am back in provincetown again. a giant moon hangs at the end
of a long road. (Commercial Street, East End).
previously, i entered the halls of voodoo decorations.
crystal balls on wire rings. a black man in a turban
passes, caressing my ass.
Jeff comes up. i have left him.
i am always leaving him.
he comes up to me on the street and beats me.

( Stones tape shaped like a stealth bomber).

i pick up a harmonica in the shape of a clutch.
i learn the ins and outs of it.
how to play it as i am walking.

the subterranean rock show sucks.
girls like flappers run up the red enamel winding stairs
to be onstage. i leave. there. in his bed made of logs and tarps and crystals.
he is thrilled to see me,
which is beyond surprising.
i try on his glasses. heavy sides made of black leather.
arms of trees reside inside.
as well as blindness.

funhouse thrill ride

becki threw her chicken-fried steak onto the floor, followed it down, sat there and ate it.
With her hands. Off the floor.
Danita looks away, smirking. Lois stands in the middle of all this chaos,
bemused. Disassociated.
Well hell. That took care of dinner.
I convince D. and her boyfriend to go out.
“where can you go in this town?”
we get in her car in the pitch night, its white seats glowing and the steering wheel
on the wrong side.
“it’s a funhouse thrill ride.”
oh yeah.

two ladies from the South

The straight highway overarches and dips into oblivion

through the countryside.

At the school there is an institute for toxic studies which leads to a career

in the chemical pools.

Young men are decontaminated inside of long narrow capsules using waterboarding.

“i didn’t get a bonus. This is bullshit,” one says.

Stairways interminable.

Out on the surface there is a square, an empty acre of blasted earth

surrounded by houses in various states of decay.

“i don’t think we wanna be here. This is a contaminated zone,” I say.

Elsewhere, an old lady with frizzy hair and a housedress drives a white Cadillac

with blue stripes like it’s a Formula One car.

At the intersection she screams to a halt, narrowly missing me. I try to write her plate

but the numbers keep changing.

Steven is there.

“why do you keep smiling?” he asks.

“because you look just like grandma brown.”

Paige calls from Texas.

“how’s two ladies from the South doin’?”

“oh. Is this Paige?” (I thought she had transported herself down there instantaneously, y’know, like some kind of tractor beam)

yeah, I know.

“how are you?”

“is this Paul David?”


“oh wow. Lemme go check.”

our mother has barricaded herself into the bathroom
using various chairs.

“uh, she’s barricaded herself in there. I don’t know why. Can she call you when she gets out?”

“sure, no problem.”

The rock show carries on. Somebody

likes grapes with chervil.

sunset strip

in the room, huge lethal tanks:


“i smell gas!” we run up the metal stairs

(on a green hill far away, the insect

stalks of power lines).

riding in the car in California on the

highway across an infinite expanse of

industrial skeletons

we watch the blast

rip the sky.

me and the cat

are headed south along the coast of the Jersey Shore.

he is orange and has big balls. even when

the wave hits him, he recovers, waiting at

the window for me to let him in.

i have a rug spread on the floor of the compound,

which is exactly what

they told me not to do.


“you’re gonna be a cab driver.”


“here’s your first job.” the guy hands me the

slip across the counter.

“what? Kentucky?”

“yeah. you got a problem with that?”


me and the other driver will go in shifts,

driving a guy whose girlfriend cut off

his legs and his hands.

i wash and dry his suit. his body bag

in preparation for the journey.

i have no idea how i’m gonna

do this.